Feel Right Today Consultants


Marijuana Consultant


Hello I'm Daniel, a veteran of the late wild west weed days in the medical marijuana industry in California. Founded and operated the Feel Right Today Collective with over 1,500 members. Seeing the fight continue has allowed me the opportunity to save you many headaches, time, and of course money. I offer a large range of expert help, I’ve done or seen just about everything. From fields, greenhouses, to indoor grow operations which includes real estate, growing, storage, testing, security, strains, concentrates, CBD, construction, etc. Marijuana Delivery and Collective operations which includes marketing, websites (such as this one), wholesaling, supply chain, team building, payment systems, pricing, regulations, photography, and tax concerns. Also the customer side of the business, the what, hows, and whys, keep them happy and coming back. I look forward to assisting you on your cannabis, hemp, or marijuana project, from the smallest custom closet grow to a multi acre farm site. I offer help on the phone, email, meeting, or on-site visit. Also I welcome the opportunity to speak publicly and at conferences to help educate and share my passion of the plant. Happy to be the first consultancy of this type in the great State of Kentucky. As a team we can make it happen!